“The Robinson Theater represents “community” in every sense of the word. We work, live, and play together through the theater and the community that has developed there is tried and true.”

Kimberly Reese Zumba Instructor, Keeping You Moving

“For me, the Robinson is an important part of our organization. I can’t imagine EEF without it. I feel like I’m home every time I enter the theater and to me, it’s a symbol of East End Fellowship and Church Hill! When I tell people where we have our gathering I feel pride and joy when I tell them, “The Robinson” and people usually know where it is and say, “cool.” And it is cool!”

Toya Administrator, East End Fellowship

“The Robinson Theater is committed to being a place where the East End of Richmond models that we are better together. East End Fellowship is honored to be connected to a place that is committed to the entire East End being a part of the overall transformation of Richmond into “The New Richmond ” where all Richmonders matter!”

Don Coleman, Lead Pastor East End Fellowship RVA/CoTN