When he first came to class, his mom wondered whether he would be able to participate because of his autism. Through a lot of hard, patient work, he is now becoming increasingly responsible for his own behavior and has greatly improved his ability to sustain focus on the task at hand.  RTCAC has provided Nick with a safe community, where he can continue to develop these life skills with the full support of his team.

Drew Taekwondo Instructor

Today was a good example of the Robinson creating community. Class members were encouraging and complementing each other, as well as possibly starting to forge new friendships. One of the art class members was able to teach and assist some of the younger members. Even though the students are all from very different backgrounds, they are learning to work together to improve their art skills and express themselves!

Lauren Bleam Art Instructor

I have a student who has completely taken advantage of the fitness classes and the nutrition classes and even the information we share from time to time about health. She was borderline diabetic and committed to changing it.  Within a year, she lost about 60 lbs and cut out the sugar in her diet and is now free from the risk of having diabetes.  The Robinson Theater has helped to change her life.

Kimberly Zumba Instructor

“It’s [dancing] one of my life dreams so I feel like y’all r helping me with my dreams.”

Rus'Shawn RUD Dance School Student

Several yogi’s have come to me after class and said how much they love the Robinson Theater. Yoga ain’t bad either!!

Alec Yoga Instructor

The Robinson has provided a place for 90% of these dancers to live out their passion.  The ones that are serious about it are so thankful for the opportunity.  The parents that we serve are not only thankful for the service provided but for the relationships that are created here.  RUD is so thankful for the partnership with the Robinson!

MANDY HELMLINGER Founder | Artistic Director RUD Dance School