Bill “Bojangles” robinson  


Bill Robinson’s last public appearance was captured on the television show, “The Amateur Hour”.  He spoke some profound words of wisdom to a young tap dancer.

Bill Robinson’s influence in film was remarkable.  He broke through many boundaries.  Featured on a TCM special on Race and Hollywood, several admirers discuss his talent and his character.

Performing at age 6, Bojangles joined traveling companies and vaudeville tours in his teens and slowly built up a successful reputation in nightclubs and musical comedies. He headlined with Cab Calloway many times at the famous Cotton Club in Harlem. Bojangles' unique sound came from using wooden taps and his direct claim to fame would be the creation of his famous "stair dance," which involved tapping up and down a flight of stairs both backwards and forwards.

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“It’s not what you do on the stage, it’s what you do after you leave the stage”

Bill Robinson November 25, 1949

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